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Creativity and the Connected Economy

Creativity and the Connected Economy is an employability project for ex-offenders in the community and those at risk.  The project is funded by the Big Lottery.

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The project will use photography, the organisation of presentations of work and the exploration of social media in order to achieve five project objectives:

1. Develop greater awareness of ones environment and how things are linked together.

2. Stimulation of creativity of thinking.

3. Development of decision making skills.

4. Development of pubic presentation skills, accuracy, self-confidence, the ability to justify and express personal opinions.

5. Introduction to a range of social media, developing an understanding of how this medium can be used to make positive connections with other interested parties, to develop  employability and marketing opportunities for their creativity.

Embedded in the project are a range of key employability outcomes:

• Understanding the importance of connections

• Attention to detail and decision making

• ICT skills including the use of MS Office, Photoshop, Graphics tablet, Internet and Social Media

• Practical presentation skills, (in front of groups, through their photos and in learning to frame their images.

• Working to agreed time scales

• Team working

• Development of Social Capital

Big Lottery

Examples of our work can be found in the Creativity Project Portfolio

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