Current Made Visible exhibition
A Covid Christmas Homeless thought ...
"At least under lockdown, I had a roof over my head"
A powerful statement from Ruinbow, an individual who has moved from prison to being a community artist.
You can view a section of his art on the Pictora Made Visible exhibition space: 
All About Made Visible
Made Visible is a unique exhibition space, used to promote the work of individual creatives, who may be prisoners, ex-offenders or other vulnerable individuals in society.
The key aim of the project is to challenge the ‘us and them’ mental concept, by removing labels of offender, ex-offender and unemployed, thus bringing all groups together - ‘Made Visible.’
Displays of work will change on a periodic basis, so sign up to our blog or follow us on social media for upcoming new exhibitions.
Made Visible started as an innovative new project designed by Pictora, and supported by the Big Lottery, to help prisoner's, ex-offender's and unemployed individuals’ build their employability skills and challenge the condition of Learned Helplessness (where due to past experiences the individual has learned to fail) and a lack of purpose in life.
You can find more about Made Visible here.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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