Introducing Pictora, an innovative not-for-profit, social enterprise.
Pictora brings the therapeutic value of art together with the practical creativity of entrepreneurship.
Our story so far...
Since its establishment in 2009, Pictora has widened its work to embrace all those in our society who are excluded, vulnerable, and since 2020, impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
Pictora has led on several innovative Erasmus+ European wide projects:
* Learned Helplessness and the Glory of Failure

With the support of the Big Lottery, Pictora has delivered several innovative projects:
* Pictora Works​​​​​​​
Our work...
Pictora provides in-prison and in-society support:
* Using the power of creativity to support individuals to develop self esteem, confidence   and employability skills. 
* Training prisoners in prisons and the vulnerable in the community to develop practical business enterprise skills
* Providing ongoing support tailored to individual needs.
Our social enterprise…
Pictora is an innovative 'not for profit' Social Enterprise (Company Limited by Guarantee), created by a partnership of staff working in the criminal justice, education/employability and creative sectors.
The day-to-day running of the activities of Pictora are financed through the sale of art and merchandise on the Pictora Shop website, plus external funding and donations for special projects
Pictora is proud to be a member of Social Enterprise UK, the biggest network of social enterprises in the UK and a strategic partner to 6 government departments, leading on social enterprise public policy for 15 years.
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